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So, even though I'm theoretically in the middle of a month-long novel-finishing marathon (Camp NaNo, I love you, I swear I'm not leaving you), I signed up for the Cotton Candy Bingo, because A: I have through the end of the year, B: WD kept tweeting about it and making it sound all exciting, 3: it can be anything, any fandom or original fic or poetry or art or baking a freaking cake, and F: the world needs more happy things.

So, here's my bingo card:

School Night out Intimate Protect from harmless threat Don't stop
Mask Game night Tickle Confidence Changed plans
Flowers Lonely / Alone WILD CARD Beach Piercing / Tattoo / etc
Worth it Home-cooked meal Love Under the surface Vulnerable
Nightmares Office / Workplace Romance Holding hands Heartache Performing

Since I am theoretically prioritizing The Novel for a while (the rest of the month and/or until it's finished), don't know when I'll actually get started on these. (Also not sure what I'll do if some of them wind up being *ahem*, because I fail at compartmentalizing my internet life, which makes the thought of posting explicit stuff for more than a few people to see feel REALLY AWKWARD. But I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. >.>;;;; )


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