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*sigh* Another day devoted to making sure that I'm getting the mood right— this time making sure the magic matches the mood. *randomly gets image of a spell not working because it's "not in the mood" and having to woo the magic* >.> *cough* A-anyway, I'm sure this constant revisiting is good for some people and worlds, but as I've mentioned before, Mutelight has had such a strong mood from the beginning, that nearly all of what I've come up with automatically has the mood built in. (At least, it all does in my head... )

But, well, I guess I could work on the names of the concepts a bit more, since that's still pretty fuzzy. I'm fairly sure that I don't want to use the term 'magic' at all; 'mystical' or 'spiritual' will probably be my adjectives of choice, depending on how closely connected to their God the speaker or POV character considers said magic. But for the most part, said adjectives will be unnecessary; magic will simply be described as how it is. Vester won't "whistle a spell" instead of "whistling a note/tune"; the magicness will be evident from the results of the whistling.

As for specific names for each magic type... I'm thinking a simple name for each type, with perhaps a more learned-sounding name used by scholars and those who want to puff up their intelligence. Maybe 'lightcraft' and for the creation of prisms and stained glass and such to focus the light, and ...'soundcraft'? 'songcraft'? (just plain whistling? except you don't always have to whistle) and/or 'tonal-something' for the sound. And 'crystalworks' for the crystals.

*tucks these away to ponder when she once again has brain*

Date: 2011-05-04 04:23 am (UTC)
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I'm really so much looking forward to this story. :)


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