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Spent a good deal of the evening playing with figuring out my new phone, but I'm still trying to get this done, too. *stares at today's challenge until her brain starts working again*

....yeah, like that's going to work. *tries sitting down with a notebook to brainstorm instead*

Okay, that's better. Now I just need the energy to type them up....

Light: considered province of church in WV, and so glassblowers and the like tend to take up holy orders, at least in name. They make small protective amulets for houses and families, of debatable effectiveness (since they can't control noise levels around them), and larger stained glass windows in rooms that have been made as soundproof as possible. WV people tend to trust priests, NF dismisses them, EV distrusts.

Sound: NF teaches soundcraft to promising children, in a way that's a little bit parent/child and a little bit shaman/apprentice

Crystals: can be used by anyone, but are more expensive the farther you get from the mine. Still, the growing popularity means they're rapidly replacing candles and oil lamps in the homes of those who can afford it.

Demons: Demons are real, and many people perceive them as a real threat (though there are as many stories about what demons actually do to victims as there are storytellers), but they are associated more with the Southern Ruins, so people tend to think of them as a distant threat... unless, of course, they've experience with one.

God(s): It's about as varied as, well, Christianity over the centuries, in how people believe in them. I really need to pin it down a bit more. But not tonight. This is about all I can manage.

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*cheers you on*


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