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~I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky~ *cough* Sorry, where was I?

Today's challenge is about the sky, and what's in it. Which is good; this is something that I haven't thought over much yet, but also something that I want to be significant: with the importance of light, sources such as the sun, moon(s), and stars are going to be significant.

The sun is going to be pretty much the same as the sun here. Any attempts I made to differentiate it would be needlessly complicated and most likely extremely contrived, so.

However, I am going to have two moons. One will be fairly Luna-like, orbiting around the equator, while the other will be noticeably smaller and have an extremely inclined orbit, so it's going almost north-south instead of east-west. (Yes, everything will still be rising in the east and so on— the articles I read today had a lot of good reasons to do so, and I have no reason not to.) I spent a lot of time hunting down data and visual aids to help me figure out just how plausible that would be without the orbit of one screwing up the other (thank you, Phobos and Deimos). Since I don't plan on going into too much detail about it in-story, I think this'll do for now. Once I figure out how the path of Little Moon will look from the ground, especially when the planet is moving too...

Few places on this continent will have significant light pollution, so the stars are going to be highly visible. The Light River/Milky Way will probably run nw-se, and there will be several constellations that everyone recognizes. Like the Lady's Star (North Star), which the Journeyman (Little Moon) is always seen as travelling to at night, and leaving in the morning. (When it's full, that is; uncouth people make jokes about the quarters, when the Journeyman gets night and day mixed up like a person who's had too much to drink. >.> ) Magically, the light power from the stars is negligible compared to other light sources, and is only noticeable on nights when both the moons are dark.

Taking names for the other moon and various constellations.

Think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away~
kayqy: In the depths of the earth... the fires of creation (volcano)
Remember that annoying teacher in middle school that made you turn in your outline and research notecards and such as separate grades from your final draft so you couldn't put the whole paper off until the night before, like any sensible student? =.= Yyyyyyeah. Meet today's assignment:

Get out your timeline, your economic/political groups, and your list of syllables.

Because I totally made nice long, comprehensive lists of these, and not just some vague ideas to use in future planning. *nods*

As I look at what I do have, though, I don't see much that really doesn't fit the mood. Mood's been one of the strongest parts of this story almost from the beginning, and been key in most of my choices regarding characters and names and such. (In fact, I'd be more worried that this strong mood sense has kept me from trying more interesting elements that don't seem to fit at first.) And a lot of the mood has to do with execution, too: a cave full of magic crystals sounds epic and mysterious and awe-inspiring.... until you think of Rainbow Brite.

Anyway, in case I haven't spelled it out, or it's changed since I started this, let me reiterate my mood:

-blue and grey and muted purple and forest green
-a wooden flute lilting an elegy from a cliff by the sea
-the occasional epic symphonic choir
-a small yet warm fire holding back a blizzard (...maybe?)
-moonlight on snow
-tiny, everyday things coming together for a purpose greater than one can imagine (is this mood or theme?)

Basically, I want something awesome and stunning, in the original senses of the words, something clear and pure that takes your breath away, not only in the manner of a mountain's distant majesty, but also in the nearness of a hummingbird on your finger.

(....and now I have to come down off that mountaintop and go back to naming merchants. *rolls eyes and reminds self that the tiny things being meaningful is kind of her point*) Anyhoo, things to keep in mind:

-definitely will not really call the other continents Urbania and Suburbia. Really. >.>
-should possibly figure out what Paori's people call their continent.
-see if anyone else thinks it seems jarring/contradictory to have people names be random-sounding syllables, while place names are "translated" to English. (opinions, anyone?)
-One of the keys to making all the mundane things like mercantilism relevant to the mood and epicness will be the demons. Which means I need to figure out what they're doing and why, dangit.


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