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I've still been worldbuilding every day, I just haven't been posting. Mainly because I was too tired. (Seriously, I don't think I would have reached Sunday's epiphanies if I hadn't been half-loopy from lack of sleep.) But I'm in the home stretch, I'm not going to lose momentum now!

Sunday I fudged a bit, because I don't really have a need to change any of my geography as of now (though that may change once I figure out exactly how big the continent is, and how long it would take My Heroes to traverse it). So instead I struck up a conversation with the 'verse's God, and learned some important stuff about the demons and why they're trying to destroy the world etc. and what the Lady is doing about it. I KNOW WHAT THE DEMONS ARE NOW. XD *bounces* AND I'M NOT TELLING YET, IT WILL BE A SURPRISE. *evil laughter* Also, the Lady enjoys being enigmatic, but she's still sweet about it too. ^.^

Monday was slightly less epic, but also more on topic: I got a bit of brainstorming done about the continent's fledgling currency system (quartz beads! Strung in rings, braces, and necklaces... or something like that), and the extended family system that most of the towns and villages have— Beacon Town's the exception, being a boom town with many transplanted people. Also, gold is either more common than silver, or nonexistent— either way, silver's more valuable due to its rarity and use in mystical stuff.

Today was another not-really-necessary revisiting of Mood. Even the bonus exercises: I've already got a big playlist for this story that I've been listening to from the start of the challenge. So I tried having a similar conversation with Virue, my human antagonist, but I didn't get as far with it as my conversation with the Lady. She's just not as forthcoming as a god, I guess.

Okay, there's only about a week left, and I'm not sure what the days are going to cover (looking ahead feels like cheating somehow), but these are the following things I still really need to be figured out (that I know of):

~how exactly the Lady is going to use the MCs to restore the world to its intended state, and what exactly happens if they fail (not to mention how immediately— will the world literally fall apart if they don't get it done by the solstice, or something? Probably not that immediately catastrophic, but there needs to be a deadline of sorts for the MCs, even if just a personal one...)
~what are Virue's merchants planning, and how do the MCs fit in and/or interfere? And what do they do about them?

...I was sure I had more, but I can't think of any now. *pokes brain*


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