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Supposed to be working on characters today, but I haven't done too much of that yet. Partly because I spent most of the day explaining "key powers" to 5th graders a few thousand times (and explaining why I don't think the world will end in 2012), partly because my brain got stuck trying to reconcile the other day's epiphany to my original snippets and ideas (which does affect my MC, so I suppose it could count?). But then I remembered that Paori's temple is this strange fringe group anyway, so I just need to change a little what they're strange about. :P But anyway.

I still want to do a bit of the character stuff, even though I'm tired. My MCs are pretty fleshed out, but I need a few more people to populate this 'verse with.

Soooo... let's meet the leader of Paori's temple!

Name: *hunts down original notes and compares to list* Paloma vel Rion (with Rion meaning something impressive, like Light— no, that should be taken by the head of the main WV church. Crystal, or Pure, maybe)
Description: middle-aged guy by now, fairly average looking, decent charisma no I am not rolling a D&D character

(3 questions, come on brain, you can do it!)

Where did Joe grow up? I think he grew up in a fairly prosperous coastal/river town.
What if he didn't like his home? I don't think he did, actually. Well-off family, but he was one of several brothers and sisters, all of which seemed more successful and more appreciated. Also, I think he may be afraid of the ocean. One of his brothers told too many bedtime tales about monsters of the deep, I guess.
How does Joe fit into your speculative element? Well, he is a priest. And the one who figured out the sound-absorbing crystals, which kind of led to him becoming the head priest. So he's pretty involved, even if his attempts to combine light and sound through ultimate purity or whatever make the rest of the church look at him askance. The rest of the world also looks at him a little funny, but they still appreciate his skills enough to buy the crystals.

guhhhhh I want to do more, but braaaaain, it is gone. =.=
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