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So today's challenge goes back to the day I phoned it in. Terrific. >.< Add in to the fact that I've kind of been pruning ideas that don't really fit as I go, and it means there's not much for me to go through now. Even today, when I decided that having 'demons' that go against the Lady's plan means I should also have some 'angels' that follow her, I decided almost immediately that epic glowing "Fear Not" manifestations were Not Going To Fit. I may even save any mention of 'angels' or 'harmonizers' or whatever I wind up calling them until the sequel that looks more and more inevitable.

Speaking of that sequel, it seems my brain just keeps trying harder and harder to mash this story with the allegorical epic I toyed with some time ago, Children of Legoria. (Yes, I did that on purpose, hush.) At first the mashup seemed really forced, like my brain was just saying, "oh, these both have religious themes, let's put them together!" But now it's starting to feel like they'll actually fit together. And part of me is afraid that if I combine them, I'll wind up just taking the really cool elements (like one-horned horses being the norm while hornless ones are bad luck) and leaving the rest of the characters and plot out to dry; while the other part of me is afraid if I don't combine them, I'll never feel 'ready' to write Legoria on its own. I think it'll wind up happening, especially since I got some interesting twists to my original basic allegorical plot today. It'll just take me a little while to come to terms with it.

I also worked some more on the moons (OMG THE ORBITS BREAK MY BRAIN) and the demons. Making progress, even if I'm going off the beaten path. Or at least the path marked with signs and arrows. I'll get there in the end!


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