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All right, Day 15! Halfway there! Bring it on!

Okay, so today's challenge is....

....linkspam a list of worldbuilding resources.

Seriously? õ.O

*sighs* All right, all right, I'll give them a look. But this is either going to be incredibly boring or lead to me spending the rest of the night looking at shinies instead of accomplishing anything (and I'm not sure which I'd prefer...).

~I have used Patricia Wrede's questionnaire before, and found it useful as a prompt to consider things I hadn't thought of before, though I rarely do the whole thing for any one story.

~I actually used to own The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference, but I was not to impressed with it in the long run. A lot of the magical information was stuff I already knew from my many years as a fantasy reader, and while the cultural info was interesting, the whole book was basically geared towards a traditional high fantasy novel. Mutelight is probably the closest I've ever gotten to high fantasy except for that story I started when I was twelve, and I've never really been one for "traditional".

Okay, now looking at the stuff I haven't seen before:

~The Borderlands of Science: Where Sense Meets Nonsense by Michael Shermer sounds intriguing. I shall have to see if I run into it.
~aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 90% of the links don't work. *headdesk* The only one that does work AND is remotely interesting is Stephen Baxter's hard sci-fi article, which is only tangentially relevant at best.

Screw this, I'm gonna go do some prompts. Hopefully there'll be a better challenge tomorrow.
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And of course the challenge site goes down once I finally get around to today's challenge. >.< Fortunately, KD's a few days ahead of me!

"What role do you anticipate weather playing in your story? Do you have a lot of travel that you want to complicate with bad storms? Are you going to snow in your mighty heroes? Will there be a mighty battle, determined by sudden flooding? You actually don’t need to know right now. Your exerise for today is to jot down ten plot devices that relate to weather, and what you think they do to the story."

Huh. Guess that means I should pick a story to worldbuild? >.> I suppose today could still be generic, but tentatively, at least, I'm going to go with my Mutelight verse, since it's one of the few bunnies poking at me lately that isn't set in our own world or some equivalent.

1. They start in the mountains, so an avalanche or rockslide might be important. If they're trapped, their only option may be to go through the caverns a certain (more dangerous) way...
2. Blizzard/heavy snow. I get the feeling these boys will not be too prepared for inclement weather, so they're going to have a time of it finding shelter and staying warm...
3. Aurora borealis. I already know this is significant for Mystical Plot Reasons (TM) and history, but I think it may also be something for the boys to follow as they travel. It could lead them to a cozy yet mysterious cottage in the wilderness! ^.^
4. Drought. Could be tough travelling with little water, and locals might be suspicious and ill-tempered if they're worried about their crops. And also they lead to...
5. Wildfires. They're on my mind, anyway, what with the news, but that could be another danger to throw at them. Or use to destroy something they think they desperately need... >:D
6. Thunderstorms. (No, self, "Because they're awesome," is not actually a plot device.) Uh... maybe Paori tries to call rain to end the drought/fire, and goes a little overboard? (Note: not sure Paori can actually do this. It would be cool, though. I think he may.)
7. Wind gusts. Deus ex Poppins! *is shot* Uh... could blow away something important, I guess. Like the scarf covering Paori's scars. Though it also makes me want to include some sort of flying scene. *ponders*
8. Rainbow (full-on double). They could stare in awe and wonder, "What does it mean?" :P Seriously, though, it could be some sort of sign, or a moment for them to stop and remember that there are beautiful things worth protecting. *insert fuzzy moment here*
9. Tornado. I... really don't want to include a tornado. Not sure if I feel it's overdone, or too close to home (even though I've never actually seen/experienced one myself). I guess it could... be another sign of death, destruction, and the apocalypse? *shrugs* Or kill someone plot-conveniently.
10. Earthquake. Destroy the whole mountain cavern temple.... or perhaps open the way to an undiscovered cavern. o.o

Made it! *falls over*
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I've had trouble writing female characters for a long time, and often prefer writing male MCs. I've dismissed it as a tendency for my female characters to feel too much like Mary Sues, but I think now that this is either inaccurate or lazy, or both. And it seems like I'm creating fewer and fewer female characters lately. (Not that I need an equal gender ratio, but when my reason for making a character male is because female feels too "flimsy"....) So I'm going to go back to the basics, list some of my favorite female characters and heroes, figure out what I love about them, and then..... match it up against my subconscious objections to writing female characters, I guess?

This may wind up with me on the couch, headshrinking myself, but hopefully I won't have to delve too far into the sociopolitical mire. We shall see. (Oh, and there be spoilers ahead, though I'll try to be careful.)

We'll see just how feminist a blogpost about women can be. Or can't, maybe. )

I could ramble on about stereotypes, and fallacies and expectations, and books I read as a child, but I'm really tired, and I semi-promised not to get into sociopolitical carp. And I'm really tired.
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So.... two weeks before I fell off the "post a week" wagon. Oops. But I shall not give up, nor shall I whine angstily about lack of motivation or audience!

(Audience: *breathes huge sigh of relief* Crickets: *are thwarted in their attempt to chirp*)

Instead, I shall write.... A LIST.

(Crickets: *chirp eagerly*)

Not just any list! An epic list! A list of all the stories and 'verses that I must write, that I want to write, and that I will probably never write no matter how imploringly the plotbunnies stare at me!

(Crickets: ........ )

Oh, come on! *sniffs* Well, even if it's boring to everyone else, I am going to do it for myself. That way, five years from now, I can look back on this list and go, "Oh, yeah, I remember that story, lamest idea ever, no wonder it never went any— wait. That's brilliant."


Not sure if I shall update this post as priorities change and new bunnies appear to gnaw holes in the old ones, or if I'll just periodically post the whole thing over again. (Not too often, I promise!)

(Crickets: *cheer*)

Oh, har de har, guys.


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