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I knew the map was coming up today, so instead of waiting until bedtime, I looked at the instructions before work this morning and worked on it during my conference period. Yay for free time used productively!

Mutelight has been mostly a story focused on three boys, and while they will travel a lot, they won't be crossing every inch of the world, so first I focused on the main part of their continent:
The purple starburst in the northern mountains is Paori's temple/cavern/mining town where the story starts, with a few more towns along the rivers, some semi-nomadic settlements along that big northern lake (Vester and Sylver's home), a hopefully-not-random holy place on that island there... (and no, the cliffs are not really the Cliffs of Insanity. That's just a filler name. Really. >.> ) I had fun figuring out how the winds would blow from the NW to get rain to the northern central parts, but not the south, and so on, though I still haven't quite figured out what's on the east coast. "Here be dragons," maybe. It's not a very big continent, though. And I decided it's very seismically stable, aside from whatever created the canyon that diverted the southern river. That way all my crystal caverns are protected! XD

And though I don't plan on taking them off the continent (unless they have a sequel to the original plot that I don't even know yet), the rest of the planet might affect them somehow, so I sketched out some rough ideas:
Paori's continent is the squashed music note in the top left corner, all by itself. The other three continents (no, I'm not really going to call them Urbania, Suburbia, and Trash Heap, it's filler, I swear. And I don't know why Suburbia looks like a doggy head. >.> ) are more or less one big empire; they either haven't discovered Paori's continent yet, or they're too busy quelling insurrections to deal with a puny insular continent so far from them. Or maybe they're afraid of crossing the Starfall Islands: apparently there's a local belief that the volcanic eruptions are stars growing out of the earth and shooting into the sky... hmmmm....

Well, guess that's enough map-babble for one day. *cookies to those who read through it all* I did come up with one last thing on the way home, though it's nothing to do with maps: I was thinking about how I felt this was kind of an apocalyptic tale, yet still close to home, and I wondered, "Are they going to be fighting for a new beginning, like Narnia, or to protect the status quo, like Good Omens? Are they saving bodies or souls?" And then, as if the God from my story spoke to me herself, I heard, "I am not a God of division." ^___^

*graaaaaah, don't know why the images themselves won't show, even though I'm supposedly using the right code, but oh well, the links work and I need sleep. *will stab technology tomorrow*


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